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Why Run Barefoot?

Simply put, barefoot is better. Switching to barefoot or minimalist footwear and adjusting running styles to mid/forefoot strikes is shown to reduce the stress running places on our joints. Additionally it can lead to better balance, foot strength and posture.

Vibram Fivefingers are well suited to most of the tasks our feet face. Fivefingers promote better foot health in activities from running and walking to climbing and wading.

Take time to adapt to barefoot running

From the time we were toddlers we have been wearing traditional shoes. Our posture, natural gate and our feet themselves have all adapted to these shoes so we can't switch abruptly to barefoot.  Over a multi-week period we can gradually devote more time to barefoot and barefoot shoes as our bodies re-adjust to running walking with minimal or no footwear. Injuries are more prone when we make an abrupt change to the barefoot lifestyle.

We still need traditional footwear

The barefoot lifestyle is not for everyone. Certainly, specific jobs or activities require more foot protection. People with foot abnormalities may not adapt well to minimalist footwear. The key is to give it a try and take it slow. See a doctor if you ever experience persistent foot pain.