Barefoot Running Clinic

Learn hands-on how barefoot running can help you run lighter, faster and more injury-free than you’ve ever imagined. Whether you’re in Vibrams, barefoot, or a complete tenderfoot, this clinic will help you become a better runner, with effortless form to carry you through the miles.

Whether you’re a recreational runner, a professional athlete or just getting into the sport, you’ll walk away from this clinic with a new profound approach to running light, happy and injury-free. The number one goal above all is to have fun. It’s never too late to start working on your form, or get back into the game.

Training barefoot helps you strengthen your feet and find your own natural, impact-free stride whether you want to run in or out of a shoe. This keeps you healthy, allows you to run when you thought you couldn’t (bad knees, hips, feet, plantar fasciitis, etc) and helps you become the lightest, most efficient runner you can be.

· The keys to running light and free like a kid again
· Barefoot Running versus Running in Minimalist Shoes (ie. Vibram FiveFingers)
· Introduction to proper RunBare Form
· Injury prevention techniques
· Tricks and tools to condition the feet
· Pre-run drills for warming up the bare feet and legs

We’ll start by reviewing the goals of barefoot running and then share individual goals, whether it’s running to heal an old knee injury or simply to feel more connected to the earth. Then we’ll discuss the basics of barefoot running (including do’s, don’ts and how to transition). Next, we’ll practice some barefoot warmup drills followed by proper form work.

Note: the topics and format may be subject to change without notice. Check back before the run to see the latest details.