A big Thank You to our 2011 Sponsors

TravelCountry.com is central Florida's premiere outdoor adventure store. This is a store where customer service is the first and last thing team members think about. Among the staff you'll find world class climbers, hikers, trail runners, adventure racers, kayakers. If it involves outdoor adventure, there's someone at TravelCountry that has done it and can help you do it too.

Vibram Fivefingers
Vibram Fivefingers is the manufacturer that pushed the minimalist footwear trend into overdrive.  These five-toed shoes have truly revolutionized the footwear industry with copy-cats now lurking around every corner. To date, there is no other footwear quite like a pair of Vibram Fivefingers.

Drink Chia
Drink Chia! is infused with whole chia seeds so you’re getting everything your body needs with just one drink – though you may find that one just isn’t enough – it tastes that good. And with only 40 calories and just 4 grams of sugar, Drink Chia! is the perfect alternative to sugary sports drinks. It’s the perfect any-time take-with-you super-food beverage. Drink Chia! gives you the perfect balance of just what your body needs.

100% Living
shirts, website and blog inspire everyone to enjoy, embrace and preserve the great outdoors.

Special thanks to Seminole Forest
While not a sponsor, the Seminole Forest service has been instrumental in helping select an appropriate venue. They have been welcoming and helpful every step of the way.


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Event Sponsorship - $200 donation plus $500 merchandise/services donation

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